Dane B. McFadhen

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Dane B. McFadhen
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Biographical informations
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Occupation Actor,
Years active 1979—present
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Related film(s)/series Stargate Atlantis
Occupation in Stargate Actor
Character(s) Wagner

Dane B. McFadhen is an actor and a writer based on Vancouver, Canada[1]. He played Doctor Wagner in Stargate Atlantis.

Involvement in the Stargate universe[edit]



Film and Television
Year Title Role Notes
2008 The Quality of Life Limo Driver TV movie
2004 Stargate Atlantis Wagner TV series, 1 episode
1999 Mugen no rivaiasu Brian Brab Jr. (voice: English version) TV series
1988 Kidô senshi Gandamu: Gyakushû no Shâ Additional Voices (voice: English version) Japanese manga
1979 Mobile Suit Gundam Additional Voices TV series


  • Most of his voice work was for roles in cartoons such as He Man, G.I.Joe, and many others. He has also dubbed voices for Japanese mangas such as Gundam Wing and First Gundam. He has also done voices and sang for many commercials.
  • McFadhen was acting in"Hot Zone". We hear a voice (his own voice) through the radio, and when we see him, his character has been killed.
  • McFadhen is an author. He is working on a novel, The Cave.
  • McFadhen was also a professional model and actor appearing on billboards and photo shoots (GQ,Time)and has appeared in many commercials (Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Ford, Irving, etc.).

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  1. According to his blog
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