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Planet image
The planet map showing all planets between P4A-771 and Earth.
Astrographic informations
Galaxy Milky Way
Atmosphère Unbreathable
Out of Universe informations
First mention "Solitudes"

P5C-11 is a planet located in the Milky Way galaxy.


This planet has no breathable atmosphere.

Detailled evolution[edit]

"Solitudes" (1997)[edit]

During their search of Colonel Jack O'Neill and Captain Samantha Carter, who were missing in action, Stargate Command put a mission to try to locate them, as it is a planet located between Earth and P4A-771, from where SG-1 ran of. According to Doctor Daniel Jackson and Sergent Siler, as Stargates are basicaly giant superconductors, it could discharge the matter stream on another Stargate between Earth and P4A-771.

Later, Daniel receives telemetry from P5C-12; it has no breathable atmosphere anymore, may be since a long and indefinite time.

* — Mentionned only

Facts about "P5C-12"
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