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HTML vs. Wiki code[edit]

The usage of Wiki code supersedes the use of HTML coding on Semantic Stargate Wiki. Wiki code is faster to type and, if everything is in wiki code, allows changes to cascade automatically in the event that a format or style is modified, thus reducing mass re-edits to all pages during a huge update.

Especially, <b> and <i> should always be replaced by their wiki code equivalents (''' and '', respectively).

For a tutorial on coding and formatting using Wiki code, see: Stargate Wiki: Tutorial (Formatting).


All episode screenshots are copyright MGM and should be credited as such on image pages. If you upload an image, make sure you tag it correctly. Images are desirable wherever their use is appropriate.

To find out how to add images using Wiki code, see: Stargate Wiki:Tutorial (Images).

Image galleries[edit]

Image galleries should be used sparingly, and then only in extreme circumstances.

We do not permit image galleries to depict multiple shots of a character or of events in an episode, due to fair use issues. Image galleries, like the ones on certain image gallery websites that will remain nameless are illegal, since their use is not covered under the aforementioned fair use copyright laws of the United States.[1]

Where to use image galleries:

  • On ship pages, such as Destiny.
    • At maximum, a "ship image" gallery would include various views of the ship (forward, stern, port, starboard, topside, and underside), as well as some interior shots of the ship (corridor, major areas, etc.) Do not include multiple pictures of the same thing.
  • On pages that are too small for images to be included inline with text.

Category rules[edit]

Usually, when an article has an Infobox inside, it has a basic category defined automatically (for example; Category:Planets in the Infobox Planet template). If the article doesn't have one, all manually entered categories for any page should be in alphabetical order: 0-9 then A-Z. Categories should go below templates (if it's the last item) and before SG:FA and SG:QA templates, All interwiki language links should be last and should also be in alphabetical order.

Thanks to Semantic MediaWiki, there is no need anymore to fill articles pages with plethora of categories like Wikipedia articles which can have much more than 50 categories (See here for yourself). Generally, Semantic Stargate Wiki articles will have only one, maximum three categories. The selection will be assured by semantic datas. A semantic query can be written to retreive all the selected articles we need which fit the query.


  1. For those of you wondering why these sites are rarely gone after, it is because going after such websites costs more money than its actually worth. Still, just because no one goes after these sites, it doesn't mean that they're in the right in the eyes of copyright law.
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