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This template is used to make an infobox from bricks. The {{Infobox/title}} brick is used to add a title on the infobox's upper part.


Copy/past the following inside the infobox template:

{{Infobox/title|title|background color|header|text color|colspan value}}


Parameter Mandatory Default value Explanation
{{{1|}}} No {{PAGENAME}} Used to add a title on the infobox. Example: {{infobox/title|Your title here...}}
{{{2|}}} No 4682B4 Used to change the title infobox background color. Example: {{infobox/title|Your title here...|80B0E0}} Default color is Steel Blue.
{{{3|}}} No header default Used to add a header pictogram on the title infobox. Example: {{infobox/title|Your title here...|80B0E0|header map}}
{{{4|}}} No 000000 Used to change the title infobox text color. Example: {{infobox/title|Your title here...|80B0E0|header map|FFFFFF}}. Default color is black.
{{{5|}}} No 2 Used to change the title infobox colspan value. Example: {{infobox/title|Your title here...|80B0E0|header map|FFFFFF|3}}.


Basic example[edit]

{{Infobox/title|Your title here…|80B0E0|header map}}
Your title here…

Example inside a template[edit]

 | {{{name|{{PAGENAME}}}}}|E1E1E1|header default

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