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Zebra Technology was Created in 1969 by Ed Kaplan and Gerhard Cless of Lincoln, Neb.. Zebra makes 15 distinct kinds of label printers in big and tiny sizes.

Small Printers

America hospital workers Who deal with inpatients and outpatients probably don't understand what they did until the Zebra HC100 Wristband Printer. People in the entertainment venue and the amusement park companies find these printers make it easy to make wristband bracelets. The ZD410 was created for men and women that wish to make the most of small spaces. This label printer not only prints wristbands, in addition, it prints labels, receipts, and tags. All the Zebra printers are easy to use. For people who desire larger printers, Zebra Printers can satisfy those customers too.

Large Printers

The Zebra ZT510 is an Industrial printer that is designed to do heavy printing heaps without breaking . It was made to meet with the business challenges of significant industry for many years to come. The ZT510 can withstand dust, soil, and debris which are the biggest enemies of technology. The ZT600 show is user friendly and prints in 600 dpi and in color. You can do printing jobs from your USB port as well as your computer hard disk.


Clients are pleased that Retailers wish to educate them about the usage of the printer, not just sell them. Zebra printers have earned 3.5 and 4 stars from customers on Amazon.

Queries To Ask When Buying a Barcode Printer

You'll need to inquire if The printer will print the kind of labels you want. You Will Have to tell the Retailer which type of business the printer will be used in. How many labels a Day to you plan to publish? Tell the merchant what connectivity you plan on using. Like Highly recommended Reading.