Gianin Loffler

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Gianin Loffler
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Biographical informations
Professional informations
Occupation Actor
Years active 1992—2009
Stargate universe-related informations
Related film(s)/series Stargate
Occupation in Stargate Actor
Character(s) Nabeh

Gianin Loffler was an actor. He portrayed Nabeh in the 1994 featured movie Stargate.

Early life[edit]


Loffler has played in different movies, including Little Noises (1992) where he was also assistant to the director, Saints and Sinners (1994), Stargate (1994), Animals with the Tollkeeper (1998), Wake Up Running: A Story of Losers (2003), You Are So Going to Hell! (2004).


Personal life[edit]

Involvement in the Stargate universe[edit]



Film, Television and Video Games
Year Title Role Notes
2009 Blumenzimmer (as Gianin Löffler) TV short
2009 Räuberinnen Petrus Film
2006 The Shield Loel TV series, 1 episode
2005 Grey's Anatomy Psych Patient #2 TV series, 1 episode
2004 You Are So Going to Hell! Angel Gianin Film
2003 Wake Up Running: A Story of Losers Geoffrey Film
1998 Animals with the Tollkeeper Young Henry Film
1994-1995 Babylon 5 Lurker / Lurker #2 TV series, 2 episodes
1994 Stargate Nabeh Film
1994 Saints and Sinners Rico Film
1993 New Year Taliesin Robertson TV movie
1992 Little Noises Wayne Wacker Film


  • Loffler hasn't acted in a movie since 2009.


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